Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to School || My Survival Story

I did it!  I survived my first week back to my "typical" work week with kids.  All I can say is, thank the good Lord ABOVE I only work the first three days of the week!  Conley isn't sleeping, we are in the middle of searching for a house/selling our house, our department is preparing for an audit at the end of September, & Cam has been sick this week yet still wants to play super heroes 24 hours a day ESPECIALLY the moment I walk in the door.

"Come on mom!  Let's go save the day!"  
"Can we go save the day now, mom?"

So.  Stinking.  Precious.
But absolutely annoying at the same time:)  LOL
I love that big brother so.  

  The PTA (or whatever they identify themselves as these days) made "chill pills" for all staff this week...aka skittles.  Though I've been trying to avoid sugar & processed foods lately, I completely scarfed down my jar this evening after having to dive into editing, no REediting, IEP's.  Yep.  That's right folks.  I guess you could say this week had me "ODing" on chill pills?
The only way to end this week & celebrate this joyous weekend (Wednesday is my Friday) occasion is to cuddle up & watch my old VHS of Meg Ryan talking about a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils in "You've Got Mail."  Maybe that along with my pumpkin candle & some popcorn will make me feel a little better about summer being over, beginning a new school year, & scarfing down that jar of skittles?  Couldn't hurt!  

I can't end this post without taking the time to thank as well as contribute my survival of this week to Jesus, large teas, & my new Boy Mama mug:)
Hehe.  But for real about Jesus...
 I couldn't have made it without constant prayers with Him!
How has the first week back (give or take for some of you!)  been for you guys?


Monday, August 22, 2016

Conley Scout || 9 months

Weight: 23 lbs 7 oz. lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Width:  (not captured this month)

And TOMORROW, I will be updating you on his tenth month of life.  Juuuuuust kidding.  
Such. a. slacker.  
How is he going to be ten months this week?  STOP!  It's impossible to do anything but fall more in love with this baby day by day.  Even when he is crying, it is precious for the most part.  Unless he's mad.  His cry face is my favorite.  He has the cutest big pout lip ever.  I want to press the pause button on my life with these two munchkins like right. now.

whats new...
1st carnival, 1st haircut, 1st time to Panama City Beach

car rides, bananas, gummy grins, peek-a-boo, eating, brother (bu-ba), eating paper

sleep, teething (so does momma), not getting what he wants (dum dum dum)

play & cognitive development
This little dude is loving to stand.  He didn't crawl at nine months, though.  Who needs to crawl when you can just bum a ride?  He's got the smarts, y'all.  He is very interested in whatever big brother does & whatever mommy has to eat.  For the first time in probably his little life, he is getting to tag along for things big brother is doing (like sitting in a car on the playground).  SO much fun;)

we are eating most everything aside from strawberries, cows milk, meat, and any other textures that might be tricky.  He loves any kind of bread & ketchup so we K N O W he & Cam are totally twin brothers.  He is loving having his snack container full of cheerios, but it's important to keep him on his toes about changing up the flavor of his cereal choices;)

Hmmm.  At 9 months, he was definitely NOT been what I would call a great sleeper.  He often woke crying to the point where nothing soothed him.  I feel like I deserve it as both boys sleep with me.  I just can't make them sleep away from me right now with their dad gone.  A couple of nights I sneak to the couch to try and rest a little better.  I am the lightest sleeper of all time so that lasts about .5 seconds.  Okay, lets just call it how it is- I'm a walking zombie.

nine month photo dump
I eat everything in sight
Conley Scout, it is i m p o s s i b l e to not adore you (& of course your crazy sweet Bubba). 
Love you always my little darling,

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Week with Daddy

We began this week so very thankful for a wonderful week with daddy...
We were either Transformer Robots or Super Heroes the entire week, so you could say 
we were covered up with saving the day E V E R Y D A Y.

The week was a super sonic blur as usual but I'd say we learned a few valuable lessons;)
  1.  We found out that having a date day is a must (even if we ate at Chick-fil-a in the midst of running around like a couple of headless chickens).
2.  Going to the movies with Conley Scout isn't always a piece of cake.  He would rather sit outside the movies staring people down until he catches their attention with his gummy grin & gets a "oh, look at that cute baby!"  
3.  It's important to say "Let's go save the day, guys" at least 5 times a day to make sure your best super hero motives are in check.
4.  Never sleep in a room with three members of the male species.  They will fumigate the room in synchronization.
5.  We have laughed at Olympic memes & tweets all week!  If you haven't, do your self a favor & google this topic.

Speaking of Olympics.  Note to self:  Yes, there is a 41 year old woman still competing in the Olympic Games.  BUT.  You cannot make the 2020 U.S. Womans Gymnastics Team at 32 after birthing two, who knows? maybe three children with a background of a few years of small town gymnastics & cheer as a girl.  The dream has to die.  (Laughing)  Who else is inspired by those girls & into the games this year? :)

Watching Olympic gymnast vault...
Dad: I used to be able to do that.
Child: What?  A double twist layout Amanar vault
Dad: No, run really fast. <<totally me>>

I wish I could remember more about last week, 
 but this week- it's all about trying to get back into the swing of the school year... 
Bare with me guys:)


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beach Days

It had been almost two years since we had been to Panama City Beach.  The last time we were blessed enough to make the trip, Cam was about one and a half & not old enough to truly appreciate it.  He was a blast just as he was on the cruise.  You just never know what is going to come out of that little mouth of his!  The things I always want to remember about this little trip include...

Every time we got in the car to go somewhere Cam would say, "What do ya wanna talk about guys?"  It usually involved sharks or tornados:)

We played super heroes e v e r y w h e r e we went.  Iron Man was the superhero of the week.
The bath tub story you can find below;).

The perfect picture of Cam & going places is this.  He wants something every. where. we. go.  He has allowance but it always burns a hole in his pocket & he spends it first thing.  He gets so mad at me for saying no.  "Mommy, you are mean!  You don't like me!"  Y'all, the last thing he wanted was a camouflage charger in Walmart.  He doesn't even have anything to charge!  

-He had to pee on the way home & after he finally got to go...he said, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD!  I'll amen to that.  The Lord is worthy of praise...e v e n when urinating is being discussed.

Cam found some little boys at the pool he was dying to play with.  The sad thing is the only thing he knew to talk about was what he had just heard me talking about...the rough waves.  He trotted over to the hot tub & sat down with the other little boys & said, "Man, the waves are rough!"  Cue the crickets.  Then yes, he said it again.  "Man, the waves are rough!"  We may need a little work on our social skills...:P  

Conley did not sleep a wink the entire trip...that is, unless it was in the middle of the day & he was laying on a float in the middle of the ocean.  Ahhhh, to be Conley Scout.

Cam rode an electronic lion in the mall for twenty minutes.  In that span of time, he managed to run in to every glass store window as well as drive through Shoe Show with the workers yelling "You can't bring that thing in here!"  
Yes, I was piggy backing him on the lion at the time.

The things I don't want to remember about this trip?  N e v e r sleeping...Thanks Con man!    And attempting to carry my 55 lb son around in the sand!
On to FALL of the year!  
It's too hot here:)

Friday, August 5, 2016

five on friday || happy august!

The first Friday of August is here!  The local news station here in Panama City claimed that the summer crowds were beginning to thin out.  When we get back, we will have a week until the whole school staff returns for the teacher workdays.  How did summer pass so quickly?  Then again, how do I have a three year old & nine month old?  Fall is near, y'all!  Teaming up again with the ladies of High Five for Friday.  Here are sweet things about my week...

  We've been enjoying the beach this week in Panama City.  We are blessed that our family has a condominium that we revisit each year, so it ends up kind of feeling like your going to another "home" for vacation.  We have really been lazy,& that's a good thing because Conley has been up & down every night.  And that leads us to the next high point of the week

Conley has two bottom teeth!  I had just discounted the belief that his sleeplessness was related to teething, but lo & behold, we have two little teevers!  He is awful proud of them because his grin just seems to be magnified every chance he gets.  I always dread saying goodbye to my little gummy grins.

As if I need another reason to stare at my phone screen, I have really been into learning snap chat this week.  I guess the main reason is I've had time & the other is to share our trip with my Mr. since he didn't get to come.  And of course the very w e e k I start doing that...instagram (my main social media outlet) creates a stories feature.

Laughter.   Big brother may not let me take his picture much anymore but he can make me laugh harder than anyone I know. I must share.  Last night I was giving Cam & Conley their baths after coming up from a night swim.  Conely was very tired & whiney, however Cam wanted to stay in the tub & play a little longer.  I told Cam I was going to go get Conley to sleep (aka nurse) & I'd be back to get him.  Well, you can see how nursing takes a pretty good while if a baby is fighting sleep.  Mr. Cam decided in five minutes he was over bath time.  He yelled, which resulted in any gains I'd made in getting Conley to shut his little lids was out the window. In fact...Conley started screaming & crying.  I guess that scared Cam because he started shouting, 
Bless his sweet little heart.
And I sometimes wonder if he learns anything from our conversations, church, bible stories, & prayers...I couldn't help it y'all.  It was the most stinking cute hilarious thing I'd ever heard & I was laughing so hard I had tears pouring out.

every picture I take is either a blur or he bites his lip like he's going to hurt something...

Hubby is coming home!  Typically, I would be sad leaving the beach...but I am so excited because right before we left, we found out Cade is coming home!  I can't wait to see him & am so looking forward to spending the week together.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday || Olive & Stripes

Just to change things up a bit for those of you who read & AREN'T family... :)  I'm teaming up with The Pleated Poppy for the "What I Wore Wednesday" link-up.

I know I tend to write a whole lot about my family & not so much about anything else.  It's my goal as I come up upon my FOURTH year of blogging to make sure & spice up my content more while staying true to why I began blogging in the first place.

Yada yada yada. 

What have been your favorite looks of the summer?  I have really found myself gravitating toward olive & stripes.  And I think I am going to fall right into that for fall as well!  I also tend to choose a more casual take on outfits since I may or may not have to sprint after a runaway three year old or have cheerio slobber on my shirt the first hour into the evening out.  :)

All about Stripes & Olive...

Striped Shirt | Target
Shorts | J. Crew Factory
Sandals | J. Crew Factory (no longer available)

And because we're talking clothes, Old Navy rocks in the boy clothes department, Conley looked so darn cute, & Big Brother wouldn't stand still for a picture with us...
I had to share Conley's smile & cute outfit det's:

2-Piece Muscle Tank Set for Baby
Annnnnnnd it's on sale!! ;)

Happy Humpday gals!

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