Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snow Dayz & Six on Saturday

Is z on the end of words still a thing?  It just seemed appropriate.

I think many of us were shut inside for a couple of days this past week.  Our school system's first day back from Christmas break was actually cancelled due to the wintry weather conditions.

When you have snow days, you have days to get a lot of things done, right?  One would think so!  That is unless you have crazy babies that you hang out with:)  When I think of snow days in the summer, I picture a cozy fire, movies, hot chocolate, with a side of pure laziness.  In reality, it's a three year old glued under the back of your shirt & a snotty (but adorbs:} ) one year old refusing to sleep or let his toe touch the ground.

<< then, we found out that he had a nasty ear infection this week:/  poor scouty!  >>

And I found this article...  And after that, I was reminded that the house tasks can wait!  All the things that I feel have to be done-can wait.  My babies can't:)  Isn't it cool how God brings those little reminders to the surface when we need them the most?

Conley was n o t a fan of the snow.  He did n o t want me to sit him down in the snow.  Mom, you are holding me the entire time we're out here, I don't care.  His dad pretty much had the same attitude.  Meanwhile, Cam was in hog heaven.  He actually woke up the morning before & cried because the ground wasn't white.  
He is my child. 
We went to grab a sled before the forecasted snowfall & ended up with "Snow Stompers." We used those all right.  N O T.
Saturday Six
one // back to work
The first week back wasn't so bad!  I actually got to put on nice clothes, do my hair, & put on make-up-so I felt like a new person:)  On top of that, I felt a renewed energy for the upcoming therapy sessions & mammoth mountain of IEP meetings & paperwork!  And Cam was s u p e r excited to get back to school with his friends & teachers:)

two // coffee ninja=first iced coffee
The honors went to a recipe in the ninja recipe book : Vanilla Iced Coffee.
All I recommend is adding a little truvia, though I generally am not a sweet coffee kind of person!

three // Conley's sleep pattern
Though he's been feeling under the weather & slept terribly last week, he has been catching up on some much needed zzzzz's this week.  And the rest of us as a result!  
All the praise hands!

four //  this.

five // operation flat belly
Okay.  It seems every time I blog about eating healthy, in true failure fashion, I fail miserably.  But for real.  I had a real come to Jesus moment about my unhealthy (holiday perseverating) eating habits at my mom's house earlier in the week.  Y'all, my belly pooch game is strong.  I'm probably in the worst shape I've ever been post babies & I've never felt this determined to get back to normal.  I started experimenting with the "whole 30" eating style.  Maybe not hardcore-I'm thinking more lifestyle changes that I can live with for good.  Anybody familiar with it?  I'd love to hear your experience!  This may turn into a reoccurring post...may not!  Depends on my motivation:)

six // the mudroom
What I would call the most functional hub of the home.  Somehow it is the most "done part of our home" so far.  I have been playing with this piece of furniture since we moved in.  I just haven't found the right place for it.  Until now.  The main reason I love it here-this is a catch all place & it has so much storage for that!  It doesn't take away from the magnet board & is the perfect central location for seasonal baskets (all the buffalo checks for winter) of odds & ends, the baby monitor, our notepad for notes or lists, & the phone!    That allows for a lot less cluttered kitchen counter top(a pet peeve of mine).  It's been so handy to put our cold weather gear in the basket below so we can just grab as we're going out the door.

+ it makes my heart dance at how passionate Cam is about putting his work up on the board.  He won't let them hang a lot of the stuff in his classroom b/c he wants to bring it home to display (or so they said one day).  This is probably my favorite place in our house right now with his cheerful little art work:)
The only thing I can think of that I'd like to do is maybe change up the hardware to add a little more character to this piece.  But that's all in time.  We are trying not to think we have to do it all at once.  Although, being obsessed with Fixer Upper doesn't help matters-b/c Jo Jo decorates everything at once!  amiright?? :)  hehe.
Well, Conley's up from his nap & with the warmer temps here-we are going to let them get some energy out at the playground for a bit.  I'd like to share our home story later this week, so stay tuned in case the boys go to bed on time & I get the chance;)

Friday, January 6, 2017

H54F || First Week of 2017

Well, the first few hours of 2017 have been much like the last of 2016.  My little family has been switching the sickness card back & forth!  My Mr. is still on the outs as I type, but I am hoping he is on the latter end of it?  It has to end at some point!  Right?  Are you guys staying well?

I'm in dire need of some "real clothes" & a fresh "blow out!"  I swear I have looked ten times worse than like this picture could ever dream=
every. day. this. week.
On to the high fives for friday...

one.  Werk
Before all the sickness hit, we basically worked our tushies off, well...Monday.  Monday was the only day we felt good as a unit.  We unloaded boxes, took down & organized all Christmas things, installed the first of our garage shelving.  
That's right.
 We spent the rest of Christmas break traveling & enjoying family (so thankful we made it through all that) & the week we have off to really dig into the house work-we dropped like flies.  Sick little flies.  LOL.  Wouldn't happen any other way over here!

two.  Cam's commentary on Little Brother
Conley has been a leech to me all week.  I've probably slept 2 hours total.  If he's not occupied throwing everything in the toilet or trying to climb up shelves when he forgets about me, he follows me around crying & when I pick him up he wants down & then cries again for me to pick him up.  It's an endless, hopeless cycle that leaves me feeling cross-eyed + confused about life.  The day I was in bed sick Cam looked at him crawling on top of my head screaming & said, 
"Conley, one day I hope you will be happy."
Laughing.  Tears.
three.  I got to "upgrade" to a phone without cracks
Now it's only a matter of time before Conley cracks this one :P

The forecasters are calling for the first snow of the year:)  It sprinkled snow all evening yesterday, so we whipped up a hot weather supper & hot chocolate for dessert!  The "big snow" is supposed to hit us today -I can't wait to sit by the fire & hopefully watch it fall with a few excited little boys!

five.  Cabin Fever Break
Due to the sickness factor, we've basically been inside aside from a few the grocery trip thing for an entire week.  I have loved all the home time-the boys however were ready to run out some energy!  With it being winter & all, we had to go for indoor fun.  If you're ever in our area-I highly recommend taking your kids to the "Smart Toys & Books" playground!  I had to pry Cam & Con away, but that were out like lights as soon as we drove away! #missionaccomplished 
I've got some dread going back to my wonderful job next week.  I really do love it. I am just not looking forward to having a schedule & routine again.  It's been so nice to be in our house with nothing to do this week!  Things have been so laid back & chill...I can't remember a time they have been like this since Cam was BORN!  Very thankful for it.  Even if we've all felt crummy & Conley had an attachment disorder this week- it's been good for the ole' sanity;)
Happy Weekend + PENDING SNOW D A Y!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Home || On the Hunt for Winter Decor

I don't know if it's because I've watched one too many episodes of Fixer Upper or I'm just in a nesting mood...but the Interior Designer in me is coming out today!

As soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the stores are full of all things
 Valentine & Easter.  
I mean, they had chocolate e a s t e r eggs at the check out counter on NEW YEARS EVE.
While I like decorating for those holidays, I h a t e that we put away all things winter a week after winter actually begins!  Winter can be seen as a beautiful season...
it's all in how you look at it! 
 The glittery snow, jolly snowmen, all things warm & cozy, animals we associate with cooler months.  
It totally breaks my heart that we only get to enjoy it for what seems a month!  You guys, I'm just not ready to decorate for Valentines day yet!  So, ever since Christmas came to an end, I have been busy hunting for winter things to fill the empty void...
  Our house seemed so empty (even my MR. noticed).
Yep. There's Fixer Upper again...
I started looking at the Hobby Lobby Christmas sale (found n o t h i n g as far as winter decor goes except for skis for $20 - which would be adorable if my house was totally decorated...but I'm not in that phase right now).  I skipped over them this year, but that's a cute idea for those of you who have it all together right now ;).

It is almost i m p o s s i b l e to find anything that will pass as a non-Christmas winter decoration.
I completely lucked up at Target while making the NYE grocery run when I just happened to decide to check their Christmas clearance.  I found the most adorable pack of miniature bottle brush trees for like a dollar & a $3 cake stand from the "dollar bin" to sit them on!  (This went perfect on the mirror tray) paired with a sweet winter pic of Cam's rosy cheeks:)  Now that Con's old enough to play in the snow with us... I hope I can get one of him to add this year!
Then- holy moly antique store!  As Conley & I made a quick trip to stock up on groceries for our sicklings, we ran into two little antique stores on the way.  I ended up spending $10 for two deer & four bottle brush trees that worked p e r f e c t for decorating for this cozy season:)  
The first little shop where I found the bottle brush trees had a cute idea via a display of decorating with a game theme (bowling pins, cozy blankets, vintage games).  What better way to spend a cold winters day then by playing indoor board games?  
The next little shop is where we found our little deer.  They were interesting.  
Quirky even.
Conley loves deer-so naturally he spotted them first:)  As much as he loves these animals (our neighbors just took their Christmas ones down & he enjoyed peeking over at them through the window e v e r y d a y!) I knew we had to have them for him:)

They weirdly had sunglasses & ribbon taped on them.    Pretty sure the lady thought I was nuts for buying them b/c she practically threw them in a bag & said 2 bucks!  I just seen past the quirks & knew they had winter potential!  :)
I'm still on the look for a gold/silverish cheap lantern & maybe a few pinecones to fill a pretty bowl with...
P.S. Anybody else wonder about how to make gold & silver coordinate?  I love them both equally<3  That's a whole other post in itself, huh? :)

What about you you immediately decorate for Valentines Day after Christmas or hang on to winter a little longer?  I'm open to ideas if you're a winter gal!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello, 2017.

Happy, H a p p y New Year, friends!  

Here we are, well over three days into 2017.  I planned to do better about writing on a MWF schedule & of course, life has it's way of throwing you for a loop-our loop being the stomach virus...I think we have been more sick than we've ever been as a family over this break!  

Did you have big plans to ring in the new year?  Us?  We had a very low-key laid back evening at home-the only way to go with little ones (in my opinion!)  But that didn't mean it was boring!  I planned a spread to munch on while we waited for the ball to drop & grabbed a few confetti wands & party hats just before Christmas.  I knew the boys wouldn't make it til' midnight, but knew they'd get a hoot out of all the excitement the new year brings:)
Before heading home after the last of our Christmas gatherings in NC, we had a new years eve breakfast with family.  After that, we ended up spending the rest of the day running errands & preparing for the late night ahead!  Excitement is always in the air on NYE, am I right?
The countdown is on.

Cam was all about helping, while Con was all about destroying & taste testing everything.  What a duo!  Of course they had numerous mini breaks where they begged to toss confetti prematurely or test blow every noisemaker they could get their hands on.  P r e t t y sure for the rest of Conley's life, when I think of him on NYE - I will think of his attempt to blow the noisemaker like everyone else.  He couldn't make it "toot" so he improvised.  He yelled into it & attempted to imitate the sound he heard from everyone else!  
A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E- Adorable, y'all!
  When our tummies were full, we put the boy's new disco ball to use & had a little dance party with the lights out & Dick Clarks Rockin' New Years Eve playing in the background.  E E v e r y t i m e I turned the lights back on Cam had a melt down.  Both boys also felt that I should hold them & dance...60+30 lbs of boy= mission i m p o s s i b l e dance party.
We finally conned them to chill out a little & got Daddy away from the ballgames to ring in the new year before bedtime.  We counted down probably 45,443 times so they could blow the noisemakers & make sure confetti would forever be a part of the living room rug.  Those two stinkers were asleep in no time.

Then.  Mariah Carey happened.  And, I had to rewind the whole thing + refer to all social media outlets to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  Now, that's entertainment you guys!  Yikes.

By the time I accepted what had happened, + shook the feeling that Fergie wears the  exact same sequin dress every year (hello, dejavu)-it was countdown time.  And just like that, we walked right into 2017.  I always feel all nostalgic after the ball drops & they play New York, New York:)
New Years Day was like any other Sunday.  We went to a new church for the second Sunday since we moved & the boys went to Children's Church/Sunday school separately & stayed the entire service!  What a milestone for us...a new place with new people & not a bit of separation anxiety from either one!  Let's be honest-once Conley seen the ball pit in his classroom he was all "see ya peeps!"  It was all bittersweet.  I have to admit, I was a little bit of a nervous wreck.  
We raced to them after the service to learn that both boys had done great (even bragged on Cam's good manners!) & you know what... I actually got to listen & enjoy the service!
I enjoyed starting the New Year in church with all three of my boys.
It being the new year, it's just tradition to reflect on the past year & think on things you'd like to change or do better.  I'm pretty sure I gave up on resolutions a couple years ago, but inspiration & goals-I'm still in the ballgame for those type things.  So when the pastor challenged everyone to decide upon a verse to claim for the year, I accepted the challenge.  Not as a good luck charm or anything, but as a verse that you want to apply daily to your life.  Learn something from this year.    

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. Colossians 3:23

My dad shared this verse with me late in 2016.  It's one I had heard over & over, but that day it just sank in.  I was filling in at the nursing home at the time (& I honestly feel ill  & a nervous wreak even thinking about working there-it just isn't something I feel comfortable doing) & he shared this in reference to picking up trash (which he often does).  At the time, we also had firefighters fighting a wildfire 24 hours a day.  Everyone feels fearful or gets discouraged throughout the year-& sometimes we let that feeling overcome us & forget what we are on this earth for!  Not to always feel comfortable or perfect in all situations, right?  :)

I pray that I use this verse in every aspect of my life this year.  As a mom, wife, daughter, friend...whatever I am doing I pray that I apply it with all that is within me.  It's the least I can do for my savior!  After all, he blesses us with good health & air in our lungs to serve one another.  
What will your verse be?
Happy 2017.

Friday, December 30, 2016

H54F|| New Years Eve Eve

It's the last Friday of 2016.   I guess we can call this day New Years Eve Eve?  We have the last of our Christmas gatherings today & I'm pretty sure the world will find it unacceptable to have my tree & garland up after Sunday.  I hate to see it go but I know all good things come to an end at one point or another.  Now, I suppose it's just on to the next good thing.  That's my way of dealing with the "Christmas is over depression"- it's a real thing, you guys! :)  (P.S...360 sleeps!)

It seems like we all tend to say..."I can't believe the year has went by so fast!" when this time of year rolls around.  Some people wish the year wouldn't end, while others can't wait for a fresh start.  I find new years exciting because we are beginning a whole brand new year full of memories to make & love to share, but that same thought scares me to death.  

The only peace I have about a new year is in these song lyrics, "I don't know about tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand."  Whether this new year brings blessings & excitement or heartache & trials to my door, I know who I put my faith in to help me through-JESUS.  It is my prayer that no matter what, I will serve & honor him with whatever he provides my little family in this new year!  If you can't relate to my experience in the peace department, please let me share with you more about this man named Jesus:)

Now five fun things about this week!

One.  Daddy goes to Dollywood
We spent the day at Dollywood yesterday.  Daddy had never been with Conley (& probably only one time with Cam) so since we're like 30 minutes away...we decided it would be a fun way to spend the day!  It felt like Christmas all over again:)  Christmas lights, shows, & food...& a cranky Conley!  Wait...what??  
Conley was ALL about some rides.  He was total death grip "this baby ain't leavin-I'm riding all day" until I pried his little chunky hands free from every ride in the baby ride portion of the park.  He would then turn into a limp noodle & scream.  Such a precious little thing.

We also tried another thing we said we'd never do...the child leash.  But for Conley Scout?  Nope.  
He wanted down to run into the crowds of people until he realized we were letting him because he was on a leash.  Then he froze up & refused to walk.  And when I tried to *easily* guide him to walk with our people... he dramatically threw himself down on the ground & began to throw a screaming fit.  Alrighty then.  It totally looked like I was trying to abduct him or something.  
*He also had scrapes on his face from Christmas festivities so that even added special effects :/

Two.  Hobby Lobby After Christmas Sale
Must. go. to every. Hobby Lobby. in sight.  
But for real, it keeps you in the Christmas spirit planning for next year & getting great deals!;)  Our Bebe shared this wealth of information with me when I admired her ribbons! Apparently, Hobby Lobby continues to discount their Christmas things until they are gone!  Let me tell you-- tulle is adorable for wrapping presents with + I got that green to add a little somethin' somthin' to my tree next year!  I am so e x c i t e d!!!

Three.  Biltmore at Christmas
I'm just now realizing how busy our week has been!  Lol.  Yes, we went to Bilmore house too!  And it was beautiful at Christmas time (another way to keep yourself in the Christmas spirit when you don't know what to do with yourself Dec 26-30:)  Have you seen those memes, too?
It was all fun & games til someone had to carry a 60 lb three year old through the nations largest private residence...hehe.  I'm just kidding!  They were really good until they got hungry.  When we went through the kitchen portion of the (let's just call it like it is...)CASTLE, Conley started yelling "bite bite!"

Four. Kroger
We have had more time to explore our new stomping grounds these past two weeks & we have found several places we love close by.  Including KROGER:)  I think my favorite part is the carts with CARS for your babes!  Mine were o b s e s s e d.  And we had a lot longer span of time to shop in peace!

Five. Cam selfies + Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew
When Cam sneaks my phone & I find these gems...
+If you are over the sweets from the "ber" months like I somehow am...this coffee is nice & tasty without all the heavy sugar taste the other seasonal coffees have!  As much as I hate to say it, I am Chesnut Praline'd out!  (I know I'll be counting down the days when March rolls around lol!)
Happy New Years Eve, Eve friends!
Linking up today with the ladies of H54F:)

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