Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cam's First Day of PRE-PreSchool

I didn't really realize that Cam's entering into the preschool world would be so soon.  It really does creep up on you, girls.  Cam is three.  The official "Preschool age" is four.  I contemplated letting him stay with my grandparents another year, but he is just ready.  I juggled the questions, statements, & thoughts of others around in my head for months.  They're in school they're whole life, let them be little & care free while they can be, or give them a head start, preschool is soooo good for them, allow them to socialize & be around other kids.  At the end of the day.  I can find truth to all of these.  But you know you're child best & know which belief applies to them & their little personality:)

*early mornings=TERRIBLE lighting for pictures:/

My Cam is a go getter.  
He loves playing.  He loves other kids.  He loves learning new things.

So.  We decided to go for it.
3 days a week on the days that I work.

A good way to break him in, right?  He LOVED it.  However, we had a little bit of a rocky start.  On the first day, his teacher was sick.  So we decided to wait until she would be there.  The next day WE were sick.  (The crud is going around these parts, y'all!)  
And finally...Wednesday came.  Everyone was pretty much back to normal.  

But it wasn't all a bed of roses.

 Conley didn't sleep ALL night.  Yep, those two front teeth are killers.  Little brother is ALL about his routine morning hops on top of Cam to roll him out of the bed.  Turns's that don't sleep ain't got time for that.  Drama KING.

So.  I had a sleep deprived Conley-rolling around losing his mind & Cam refusing to get up because "he was too snuffy."   He sniffed... "See Mom?  I'm too snuffy to go to school today we just need to stay here & rest." 

With much encouragement, I somehow got them both dressed & together for the day.  But FORGET pictures.  As you can see.  Cam was not about to do a normal smile standing still in front of our chalkboard.  Nooooooooo NO *in my best Clark G. impression.
Somehow, Cam was cool after that though.  He picked out his clothes, insisting on comfy shorts (he is completely ANTI jeans or pants that button).  We dropped Conley off with ease & he seemed super excited about his first day.  
He commented on everything from the Coke machine to the play ground (the most anticipated part of school).  I snap chatted it all for daddy...& then.  I got a thumbs up when it was time for me to leave.  Stab me in the heart.
The day seemed to last an eternity.  His teacher sent me pictures & commentary throughout the day.  Which I LOVED btw...

So this message leads me to my favorite part of the day.  As you can see from the text, he peed on himself during nap time because he refused to go to the bathroom before.  Cam had dumped everything in his backpack out some period between Monday when he was supposed to go to school & Wednesday when we actually made it to school.  Including his extra clothes in a grocery bag.  When I hurriedly had put everything back in, I didn't notice his extra shorts & undies were still in the floor of the car OUT of the bag I stuffed back in his Dragon.  Wouldn't this happen??  

The school had just donated almost all of their extra clothes from the previous year.  SO.  All they could find Cam to wear was a little TINY girls pair of hot shorts until I got there.  When I opened the gate, I spotted him from a mile away digging out a WEDGIE!  

Tears, y'all.  I still can't keep a straight face talking about it.  This kid has no shame.  He just loves life.  And that's what I love about him:)  
To the first day of PRE Preschool (& first LAST pair of hot pants)...

First day of PRE Preschool photo dump:


Friday, September 16, 2016

five on friday || scattered september

Happiest of Friday's to you all:)  
While it's still hot as Blaze & the Monster Machines (as Cam would have it) in the South, I feel a touch of fall here & there in the mornings & late evenings...enough to nudge myself into preparing the boys fall & winter wardrobe for the cooler weather coming!  Have any of you started thinking about starting to switch over clothes yet?  

I say something about time & fall in every post-& I'm sorry guys but R E A L L Y.  Is time not flying by?  I've missed a couple of friday favorite posts so my post is staggered this week in things I want to remember.

  P.S.  It's time for the Mr. to come again this Tuesday & we can't WAIT...but I guess that's a no brainer!  

one.  western nc tent revival.  
I haven't got to physically go to the tent much, but when I do, OR if I don't, I'm telling you-I just can't miss watching the live Facebook feed, my heart is b l e s s e d.  Don't miss it.  If you log on to Facebook, search for Ralph Sexton Ministries & it's a live feed at 7:30 pm Monday-Friday.  If you're not saved, you're sure to hear the gospel & God's convicting power is present ready to save!  If you are, you'll have tears of joy watching people GET saved & others grow closer to God-including yourself!  I think every Christian present online or under the tent have had some type of rededication or growth after everything that has went on.  America needs this so bad!  So thankful to the Lord for still giving us such undeserving mercy & grace.  Let's continue to pray that God will have his way with this revival!  He is able!
photo credit: josh lane via facebook

two.  happy mail days!
I don't know about YOU-but I am an online shopper through & through.  I LOVE to window shop all day long & make small purchases every now & then-but making purchases IN store just makes me a nervous wreck...I'm crazy, I know.  I like to study on my purchases & think about it.  Buyers remorse right here, y'all.  I said all that to share that I just got all the boys fall clothes in-yes, because I shopped online.  Shopping online means exciting mail days!  Oh, & the hubs & I are relieved to have that behind us-and so is our savings account!  :-0

three.  let the pumpkin patch fun begin!  
This year, just prepare to have pumpkins galore here.  I've decided one visit a year just ISN'T enough:)  After all, pumpkins rot within a week, right?  Even with all the pinteresty tricks to keep them fresh-I've tried em' all.  So, Cam & I agree- we just gotta keep going back for more;)
Funny story, though.  SQUIRREL.  Bear with me.  I talked up a hay ride to Cam last Friday-all to drive up to the pumpkin patch & have them look at me funny when I asked about taking one in the middle of the day.  
"Well...we don't really do it until the evening-we are pretty slow during the day..."
Cam's puppy eyes (okay, or maybe mine) apparently got to them because somehow, SOMEWAY
we talked them into taking just the three of us on about a twenty minute ride around the farm & to the patch.
Just the three of us.
And our new pumpkin, "Charlie Brown."
Oh, & then, something I've been waiting a year on...the first PSL of the season.:)  
I guess my chipped nail polish is a distraction.  Why do I even paint my nails??

four. celebrations
We celebrated Grandparents Day last Sunday by taking a trip to Dollywood.
Anybody else have a hard time recalling this holiday as a child?  Lol.
I think social media has made all kinds of new "days" up the past few years...
All the same, I am very thankful for my grandparents & my babies grandparents-
so why not celebrate?
And September, well.  Let's just call it the month of the birthday parties because we have one, if not two or t h r e e, about every week!

five. cam's 1st day of pre-preschool
this is a whole post in itself, but yes.  And I can't stress it enough.
PRE Preschool, y'all.  PRE.
That's what I'm calling his first year.
That is how this momma's heart is handling it.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conely Scout || 10 Months

We're in the double didgets folks.  TEN months.  This age is precious, but let me tell you...Conley Scout keeps me on my TOES.  He is in to E V E R Y T H I N G.  He is crawling & pulling up like a boss.  He puts everything in his mouth.  He is fearless, stubborn, & has the worst temper you'll ever witness... BUT- has a smile that will make you "melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July."  Thanks for that simile, Darla.;)

Weight:  lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Width:  inches

whats new...

crawling, opening and closing doors, pulling up on everything, car rides, slapping glasses off my face

for the most part...if he can see mommy-thats it just had him over!  busting his head, when Cam rough houses (I guess thats a Southern term for being rough?), when the person feeding him takes too long, being in the car seat all day

play & cognitive development
He took one step y'all!  But that's it.  He busts his head about three times a day:,(
We have two teeth!  Two bottom teeth as I mentioned in my earlier posts.  It's really something I wasn't expecting as Cam didn't get teeth until after he turned one!  He is totally turning into my little blondie.  I never dreamed I'd have a blonde child-even though their daddy's hair is blonde.  It's crazy!:)

This little mister is totally the second child.  He gets to taste of just about anything anyone else is eating.  Cam didn't have sweets until after he was one year old.  I was adament about making sure he was getting "clean food" and wouldn't have his first taste of sugar until his cake smash.  Long gone are those days.  I like to call my life & parenting techniques "survival mode."  Keep them alive & happy.  That's my main priorities these days.  Eating about 50% baby food/50% real food.  Still nurses, but not as frequently.  And it's for certain.  This child will never take a paci.

Another month in the no sleep books.  I contribute it to teething since he just sprouted two little teethies.  He senses when I am not around.  I swear he can feel it.  It can be at nap time, in the middle of the night, or when I get up in the mornings.  You know how people talk about getting up in the morning to have "me time" and read their bible or get things done?  Yea, not happening with Conley Scout.  I don't know how many failed attempts I have had at this.  I give up for now!  Maybe next year:)  Hehe.

ten month photo dump

Also, I have GOT to get better at taking pictures.
(For my own sake...)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy 'Ber Months! || Fall Favorites

Little in life makes me more excited than this time of year.  I don't know why but the older I get the more & more I love it.  It's during this long weekend we celebrate (while some mourn) the end of summer.  For once in f o r e v e r we've felt what seems to be a high of around 77 degrees with a cool breeze!  It was so nice- I even took the boys to the playground one day...(in their Halloween tees LOL).  Im SO over the hot weather.  I could barely even make myself put on a bathing suit this weekend.  I'm just o v e r it.  I know what you're thinking...she's a martian.  So be it!

In other news, I got an email Thursday that Starbucks has welcomed back the PSL.  Yes, it's that time again.  I seen where McD's has one too!  Have y'all tried it?  We've made the most of our days "out on the town" by keeping our eyes peeled for anything orange, red, yellow, or black;)  I guess I'm still perseverating on fall.  Let's just cut to the chase & talk about some cute things I've found for the upcoming season...
I have a feeling my Fall favorites list is similar every year:)  What can I say?  
I'm such a creature of habits & traditions!

Stripe Pants || Mummy Tee ||  Pumpkin PJ's || Dish Towels || Garland || Countdown || Pumpkin Spice || It's The Great Pumpkin || Mug 

Matching Pajamas & Peanuts are a must for every season or holiday & I am very excited to start a new little tradition with the Halloween Countdown!  I found an idea on Pinterest here, but I'd like to add some biblical aspects like the jack-o-lantern & how it is symbolic to being a Christian:)  I'd love to hear other ideas from you if you have any to share!

I think my munchkins are just as excited as I am...
What are you looking forward to this fall?
Also, I am doing a Facebook challenge in sharing some of my favorite scripture & would like to share here as well...hope it touches your heart throughout the week!
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. The Lord is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed. Psalms 28:7-8


Monday, August 29, 2016

Operation Andy || Toy Organization

You guys.  I've been wanting to do this project ever since I began working in Preschool!  Talk about drowning in a mess of toys since Cam was mobile enough to dump them out of his toy box!  Yea.  That was the end of any trace of neatness around us...

What is "Operation Andy?"  I'm glad you ask:)  

Just a way to help Cam better understand how we are changing the way we treat our toys.  Right now, all he does is dump them out & pile them up (if I'm lucky) when I ask him to do his chores.  The o n l y way to help his little three year old mind make sense of our new organizing system is to relate it to Toy Story! :)
You know how all of Andy's toys had a special place in his room?  And when they were not in their special place it made them sad?  Andy wasn't able to find them when he wanted to take them somewhere or play with them when they weren't in their spot- was he?  We are going to make your room like Andy's & give all of your toys a special place so you will always be able to find them!  
*I think it's important to give credit where credit is due SO -I got this genius-ness from the Pre-K teachers;)
Back to the Pre-K rooms... the toys all have a labeled place (picture & word to assist in print awareness*) for kids to know where they belong when the clean up song starts playing.  This absolutely solved my problem with Cam!  When I would say "let's clean up" he just started chucking toys in a pile in the corner because he had no idea what to do with the madness.  Where did his toys belong besides the storage bin(s) or toy box?  And then, when the bins/box were full...we definitely had a dilemma.  
Y'all, the truth is...I didn't even know where to put them!

So, here is my version of the preschool toy organization at home:)  This idea has me feelin like a rock star #justsayin

1.  I've had this Ikea Cube Shelf for a year now...
2.  I finally was frustrated enough with our mess to make organizing the toys a priority in our budget.  I ended up at Target & found these cubes on sale for $5!  There are lots of cute colors & fabric combinations:)
3.  After I got the cubes, I took pictures of the toys with my phone, labeled them with the app "Rhonna Designs," printed them, glued them to a pretty silver poster board, & laminated!

4.  I punched a hole in the top & tied the picture to the storage cube with twine through the hole in the storage cube.
5.  Before I put the toys in their new home, I went through & wiped down the ones we were going to keep, & (shhhhh -keep this a secret-I guess this isn't a good time to channel Toy Story, huh?) trashed or donated others that were messed up or those we weren't playing with anymore.  Cam has a thing about keeping ALL the toys e v e n if they are messed up or missing parts...
5.  Now, all our toys have "a home" just like "Andy's" toys!  AND I can almost guarantee you, your kids will think it's Christmas again because toys are so much easier to find.  BOOM:)
Another idea would be to switch out a box or two seasonally! 
You know me & the holidays;)
Wouldn't a Halloween or Christmas box be fun?

I bet those of you reading already did this decades ago, but nevertheless, I had to share...I'm proud of my hard work & our solution to what has been a never ending mess!  Cam has rediscovered so many new toys since I finished this project-which is even more worth it:)  How do you tame the toys at your house?  
(Besides donating & trashing...oops did I say that out loud again;)  
*print awareness: ability to recognize words as distinct elements of oral and written communication. Both skills are acquired in the child's natural environment.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

six on saturday

I cleaned & cleaned & CLEANED yesterday.  And have n o t h i n g to show for it except a start to organizing the boy's toys (which I hope to share this coming week!).  My mom & dad's house is massive & I am overwhelmed to say the least.  
I'm getting more & more ready for a nest of my own again.  It's been a year exactly since I moved in with my mom & dad after coming back from North Dakota to be on bed rest.  
HOW has that been a year???  
While we are working on the nest thing, I can't help but scratch the feeling that an extra pair of hands to help keep it clean is going to have to ease it's way into being a top priority in our budget.    
I don't really know why I shared all that.  I guess just to share my excuse as to why I didn't post yesterday?:)  
ANYway.  Here a six things I loved about this week:

No cavities & a great dental check-up for my 3 year old.  The staff, as every other person on the planet, swore he was 4 or 5 years old and then, while in the chair, he and the hygienist had a little conversation that went a little something like this...
"Alright Mr. Cam, I'm going to count your teeth now."
Cam: "Akkkkkk-ward." 
(awkward:the word he uses every other breath because it makes people laugh) 
Everyone in the office lost it.
Fall.  Autumn.  Halloween.  It's in the air!  
Well, I guess it's still 90 degrees outside so maybe not the air, but it's in the stores.  And I am soooooo excited.  I ordered the boys matching Halloween tees this week & grabbed a few things for Conley's first birthday party at Home Goods.  I also grabbed a pack of Halloween Oreos while grocery shopping, because, it is the best junk food of all time.  I'm telling you.  If you get in the Fall mood, just go out & browse the stores!  You will be in the spirit in NO time:)

I f i n a l l y got the opportunity to go through the boys clothes this past weekend & I made 90 bucks at once upon a child!  Such a great way to give us a kick start for their fall clothes.  See what a great helper I had? Can you sense my sarcasm?:)
As of this week, my Conley is in the double digit months & my Cam is one month a way from hitting the 3 and a half year mark, y'all.  I don't know how I feel about this...
More on this to come later.

Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato Iced Coffee.  Don't walk, run to Starbucks.
Meanwhile, I'll be over here trying to figure out a recipe for how to make it at home;)

Speaking of our own nest again...I'm just going to leave this little teaser here.  

My Mr. is going to caution me on getting excited until we have the keys in our hands (rightfully so with our recent experiences)... Yet, we got some exciting news this week-(more exciting then we have in the past at this point in the game) so I wanted to share a little sneak peek of what might be in the near future.

No matter what ends up happening, I am so looking forward to sharing our whole house buying experience one day-it's been a doozy:)
I think (& I say this with my clenched teeth face because you just never know) that things are falling into place for me & my little family.  Regardless, I can always say that God is good & he gives us what we need & allows everything to happen for a reason.  So thankful & cherishing every moment of this life.  
I hope you all have a great weekend!
*Peaches & Pearls: a blog that goes from light-hearted chatter to deep thoughts in a matter of milliseconds.

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