Friday, July 21, 2017

H54F || Nordstrom Sale Frenzy😰

There is no one who would love more than to drop some major dollars on some new clothes at Nordstrom.
(especially after emptying my closet & selling all my things (HA)for my Capsule Wardrobe efforts)
And clearly this sale is amazing...
BUT holy social media overload.

It's enough to make a girl feel lousy for not being able to immediately cart & buy the "popular (*drool worthy I might note) items" blowing up instagram.  Like, they straight up give you anxiety that something is going to sale out & I don't even want it!  LOL.  I even spent Conley's nap time yesterday, entering to win gift cards🙈😂.  But you know what?
I came to my senses!
I would rather be working my way to being debt-free, wearing something I can afford, than to go crazy & get my eyes off of what is important.  Isn't it crazy the marketing tricks out there??
Yikes!  Maybe I should unfollow some of those fashion bloggers...😳

This week has been SO much better🙌🏼

one.  TV Land
Christmas in July on Hallmark this past week, Shark Week this week.  When the summer sun is just too hot (& it has been lately!  Holy smokes!)...crank up the ac & light the fire (for about 5 minutes...😬) for a cozy evening in!  

two.  perfect family pictures
It has been a quest of several years now for perfect family pictures.  We finally did it!
At least I think so.  I want this one👇🏼blown up on a huge canvas for our living room collage wall.

three.  capsule wardrobe update
I've made a little bit of money from things I've weeded out of my closet during the second step in the capsule wardrobe process.  I'm saving up for some things to replace the things I've sold that are more versatile and "me" these days!  (It's hard not to spend it on clothes for the boys, b/c I have so many fun things on their back to school/fall shopping list😊)  
You far-this has been such a rejuvenating thing.
Take THAT Nordstrom sale!  😂 #byefelicia

four.  my rearview mirror
While this totally contributed to my terrible week last week...I love when I can look back & see how God allows these things to happen to us to get us to realize how blessed we are.  I take SO many things for granted -for example a windshield and intact rearview mirror (or a four year old laptop-which I loved & miss terribly).  All materialistic things-yes.  But how blessed I am to have (or have had) them at all. 
 When the boys jerked our mirror off about two months ago, it had lasted all it could, fell again, and insurance denied assistance and it was out of pocket pay.  Adulting stinks, y'all.  But I'm so glad it's not duck taped on, swinging around the car, or bangng the windshield anymore.  Oh, and fun can disconnect the cord and remove it instead of letting it hang.  Learned that the day it was getting repaired😑

five.  two weeks of summer camp down, one to go.
I can't wait to share what's been in my speech boxes for summer.
I've had a blast planning my mornings with our little pre-k campers...
& in making the theme "summer & beach related..."I have made MYSELF so ready for our trip to the beach in a couple weeks.
+ if you see my oldest boy, Cam.  He will make SURE you know he can now "go under the water."  His greatest accomplishment to date (in his eyes😉).  So proud of him for overcoming his fear of "sinking."
Happy Friyay;)

Monday, July 17, 2017

10 Times A Mom Finds Herself In a Christmas Movie

Over halfway through the year.
You know what that means.
Time to pump ourselves up for the most wonderful time of the year.
It's Christmas in July, y'all!

The Hallmark Channel & QVC are doing their part in bringing a little Christmas cheer into your home.  If you check closely, most stores will start previewing their holiday sneak peeks soon.
Browse through the Christmas Party in July ideas on it, I dare ya!😍

Cassidy is going to do her part over here.  It's my Christmas loving duty.
Here are 10 times throughout the year, we as mom's, find ourself in a classic Christmas movie moment...

1.  When all of your kids are sleeping/are at the babysitters/ or are with family, and you find yourself all alone & don't know what to do with yourself.

2.  You find yourself scrolling back through the pictures of your kids at night & though you would murder the person who woke them up at that moment, all you can think about is how much you love them & how cute they are, and how you just want to cuddle them-but NEVER wake them up.  NEVER.
  Mmmmm hmmmm.
3.  When your kid says they didn't "mean to" (Cam's new fav) or they didn't say something you heard them mumble behind your back...
4.  When you know it's almost time for bedtime & your kids are running around triple sow cowing off of the living room furniture.
5.  When you are feeling it & you kick in the "fun mom mode."  We're talking really get into character while playing with your kids...& then something like this happens...GAME OVER.
6.  Try out a new recipe like...
7.  When they've ask you to do something they shouldn't for the 45,344 time that day...and you are over it.  Sure kids, go ahead.  Knock yourselves out👍🏼😂
(✋🏼Standing like the man in the elevator in public while they...)
8.  Sometimes, you just wish your husband would quit watching ESPN reruns & look at you like Jude Law looks at Cameron Diaz in The Holiday...and say, 'Your lovely" in a British accent.🙋🏻
9.  When you just want to stay inside to wrangle the kids, not wear a bra, and be ugly, but you want friends too...
10.  And then there's always that first cup of coffee in the mornings that makes you feel like...

I hope this gave you a few giggles & some fun Christmas in July feels for your Monday❤️
Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Vibes || Adams Abode

Before the Hallmark Christmas in July movie marathon (I'm about to binge watch for the rest of the night) puts me in too much of a Christmas spirit, I'm going to share a glimpse of Summer in our home!
After a long week, this weekend at home+peonies is just what the doctor ordered👍🏻
Cam's artwork is a l w a y s a l w a y s one of my favorite ways to decorate for the time of year.  I've looked forward to it since he was born👨🏻‍🎨
If you ask me (& I know you didn't) I think aromas (love, love diffusing orange+lavender during the day for a sweet summer smell🌸🍊!) & pictures evoke the sweetest memories of the season you want to bring life to in your home😊Real life: I had to clean each place I took a picture of at warp speed before my mini tornados figured out what I was up to.  Then...back to reality😜✌🏻
Happy Friday, friends!☀️
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Bigger Picture

So, it's Saturday evening.  
I'm folding laundry trying to pack all that we will need for the week, in the hall, beside the boys bedroom (while they play-with the door cracked...*rookie mistake).  
Cam runs out & says, "Hey mom!  We threw all of my clothes in the floor!"  
I walked in & to my horror - 
clothes, underwear, pj's, socks, even their bedding...that started folded and organized in drawers...e v e r y w h e r e.
There I was folding laundry, while they were unfolding it & destroying everything in sight.
Not to mention, I spent 2.5 days asking Cam to clean his toys in the living room.
Not even for free, either.  I told him I would give him allowance.
Such an opportunity to teach: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
Newsflash:  I don't like to clean 24 hours a day, homeboy. 
*I swear that's all I do
👉you can't clean for 5 minutes...

I promise I'm going somewhere with this.

It's Sunday morning.  
After a headache that put us to bed early the night before, & packing our entire house up (practically) for a trip to NC for work-I back down the driveway with the trunk window accidentally open & run over my laptop, therapy box, & all of my books.
I SWEAR I try to take care of my things.  But I fail miserably.
Typing this blog post like...
Some things I will just not share with you b/c I don't want to get too personal & public with my life (say the girl who blogs about her life-I know).  
But I will just tell me when I say-it was a bad day.

The boys have been another level to top it all off.
Conley hits, pinches, & bites me + throws a FIT every time I save him from his dangerous decisions & quests (aka everything he does while his eyes are open).  I know what you're thinking-discipline that kid.  
Y'all, if you can find a method to help this my guest.

Meanwhile, Cam is my sweet pea, but he has really been testing the waters lately.  You know, see how far he can push me til I break.
For example, he will never stay with me when we are out in public & always wants to push Conley in the stroller (my best tactic for controlling Scouty's behavior in public-I am shocked to find that he likes it most of the time) at 90 mph swerving at every "pedestrian" in sight.

Short Story:
We made a quick trip to a little store to search for a book for my summer camp.  Cam, of course, had to stroll Conley, & after threatening his life several times for running away from me with Conley & the stroller...he eventually strolls Conley out of the store WITH a book that hasn't been paid for.  When I go put the book back (* a step away mind you) he runs out the door without me, Conley in tow.
Is it socially acceptable for me to pull a Conley tude at them?
I know this is just a funk.
I know that in a couple of days (maybe sooner i hope!) we will get back to our routine & the guys will give mama a break, but it's been real lately you guys.  Trying to remain positive & maintain the love for life that I so badly want to have has been put to the test.  

When I start feeling sorry for myself, I think of a girl I was told about that just lost her daughter that is Conley's age for no known reason, and what she must be feeling right now.  Or the girl that just lost her father unexpectedly. I think of the girl that may be hearing "you have cancer" or the family expecting a baby hearing "We can't hear a heartbeat anymore."
My "bad days" are put in perspective & mean nothing anymore.

Our life down here isn't or will never be perfect.
I don't know why we ever find ourselves thinking that it should be, do you?
We are promised troubles and storms (and none of these stories I have mentioned can be considered any of those!).

Cam has been obsessed with the movie "Soul Surfer" lately. (#sharksarelife HA) The movie vividly retells the story of pro surfer  Bethany Hamilton, getting her arm bitten off by a shark. Then, she not only gets back in the water (I'm over here like- I have never been touched by a shark, but barely will stick my toe in the ocean!), but learns to surf professionally again, despite her fears & limitations.  The devil gives it to her, but she refuses to settle until she understands God's purpose for her life.  She really struggles with why her arm had to be taken from her.  Can you i m a g i n e?  One of the big points in the movie is that, though sometimes it's hard to understand things close up, when we step away, we can see the bigger picture...
i.e. 👉 just take a look at this butterfly picture
If we just look at the magnified portions, we don't understand what the bigger picture is.  
Even in our bad days (or weeks), in our bigger storms and trials we inevitably will be faced with, God has a bigger, more beautiful picture that makes sense.  We just have to know and trust that He's got this,y'all.  He is in control❤️
I think God made Cam obsessed with this movie for a reason:)

"But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high."
Psalms 3:3